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Josef Váchal’s ‘Bloody Novel’

The exhibition is dedicated to the most famous work of print by Josef Váchal (1884 – 1969), the Bloody Novel’ he published in 1924 in a print run of 17 copies. The exhibition presents the belatedly famous graphic designer, painter, mystic and writer Josef Váchal and a collection of his penny-dreadful’ colportage novels. It is, however, primarily devoted to the book that Váchal wrote, inspired by this kind of pamphlet literature, partly as a would-be erudite study of the genre, partly as his own particular novel. 

The exhibition consists of 10 panels and one three-dimensional object – a facsimile of the Bloody Novel, in three distinct language variants – Czech, English and German (the language variants are not available together, the travelling exhibition can be provided only in the given language version). CZ – lightweight self-supporting suspended panels; 9 pieces 13590 cm plus an introductory panel 7676 cm

EN or DE – light self-supporting suspended panels; 9 pieces 13590 cm plus an introductory panel 13590 cm.

The exhibition also included catalogues in the three language versions, as a folded composite (format 5925 cm, folded into 1025 cm).

Detailed information on request.

Inquiries and reservations

Hana Klimešová / klimesova@​rml.​cz / 777 840 425

Loan fee

Loans are free until June 2021. The borrower pays only for the transport and graphic design of the relevant poster and invitations, or as may be, the production of graphics/​decals. The exhibition can be loaned out for a maximum of 3 months.

Occupied dates

15. 1. – 7. 3. 2021 – Regionální muzeum Jičín
17. 3. – 3. 6. – Středočeské muzeum v Roztokách u Prahy
23. 6. – 29. 9. – Památník písemnictví na Moravě, Rajhrad
September — October — Muzeum Vyškovska