On the ground floor is a permanent exhibition about the three men closely connected with the history of the house – Josef Portman, Josef Váchal and Ladislav Horáček. Naturally enough, pride of place goes to the mural painted rooms and the furniture Josef Váchal carved and painted. This is the only surviving well-preserved interior of those that Josef Váchal decorated, and so the Portmoneum is rightly lauded as a unique heritage monument of European significance. 

The exhibition also shows how the murals were restored. The restoration techniques, originally developed by restorers specifically for oil paintings, remain a remarkable achievement to this day.

In the loft space is a multimedia exhibit. Here you can watch a videomapping presentation about the life and work of Josef Váchal – An Artist Godly and Devilish. If you have time, you can also watch a documentary about the history of the Portmoneum – The Story of an Extraordinary House.

Each year the exhibition room hosts a bespoke exhibition, typically related to Josef Váchal. 

You can explore the Museum individually, with an audio guide, or by means of guided tours for group bookings. No photography or video recording is permitted inside the Museum for copyright reasons.

Expozice Portmoneum