Since it came under the stewardship of the Litomyšl Regional Museum, the Portmoneum has been trying to complement its collections with its mission-related items and the historical figures associated with it. Given the market prices and rarity of Váchal’s significant works, this is a long-term project. Yet, there have been some successful acquisitions, adding to the collections. One example is Josef Portman’s printing press. This was donated by the man himself to the Museum in the 1940s when he first decided to stop making rare books. He also donated several personal photographs to the Museum, mainly from the Osické valley. 

The art collections related to Josef Portman that were formerly managed by the Museum are now located in the Litomyšl Municipal Gallery (two separate institutions since 2004). Some of these, including works by Josef Váchal, are on display in the Municipal Picture Gallery at Litomyšl Château. 

The Museum’s collection also include some of Portman’s bibliophilia prints, as well as Portmoneum-related photographs and some graphic artworks by Josef Váchal. Among them we can find e.g. his woodcut, the Woodcarver’s Death (1933), a colour lino-cut print from the cycle Bellum (1913), the frontispiece of the book the Devil’s Garden (1924) and several of Váchal’s ex-libris designs and printing plates. 

In the specialist library of the collection are professional books related to Josef Váchal, as well as reprints of his books. 

You can search through the collection items in the online catalogue under indexed headings or in full-text search mode – http://​sbirky​.rml​.cz/

Portman’s and Váchal’s legacy items are kept at the Museum of Czech Literature in Prague.