Supplementary information

Museum tours

  • can be undertaken individually
  • with a guide for groups of over 10 people, in Czech, by prior arrangement via tel. +420 734 541 323 or klimesova@​rml.​cz
  • with texts in German or English (descriptions of the painted rooms in addition in French, Polish and Japanese)
  • with an audio guide (1 hour or shorter duration as preferred) in Czech (voiced by Miroslav Táborský), also in English and Polish

Sale of souvenirs and books

  • We offer a wide range of books related to Josef Váchal, Josef Portman, the Portmoneum and Litomyšl, and also sell postcards and posters, tourist stamps, stickers, business cards and souvenirs.
  • Some goods can be purchased via the e‑shop

Taking photos, videos or other recordings

  • Taking photos, videos or other recordings is not allowed inside the building and in other designated areas. For scientific, documentary, promotional or other purposes, The Litomyšl Regional Museum management may, upon written request, grant an exemption.

For the physically handicapped

The Portmoneum is not wheelchair accessible throughout, only the ground floor is accessible for wheelchair users, with their own assistant. There is one restroom in the Museum, not accessible to wheelchair users.