Discussion — Travelling according to Josef Váchal’s Travelogue

17 February 2024 from 10 am

From September 2023 to March 2024, the Gočár Gallery in Pardubice is organising an exhibition entitled Wandering to Myself, which includes, among other things, Josef Váchal’s Travelogue. One of the thematic excursions is a trip to Portmoneum in Litomyšl. The discussion with the curator of the Portmoneum — Josef Váchal Museum, Hana Klimešová, will be mainly about the journey of Josef Váchal, Anna Macková and Josef Portman to the Highlands in 1921 and the modern journey organised by the Váchal Museum.

Those interested can register by emailing jedlickova@​gocarovagalerie.​cz. Price 100 CZK per person, discounts according to the current price list (https://​gocarova​ga​lerie​.cz/​c​s​/​p​r​o​-​n​a​v​s​t​e​v​n​i​k​y​/​v​s​tupne). Transport to Litomysl is arranged individually.